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Play against friends and rivals in a 2v2 format

Antwerp Powerchair Hockey Collective | ALL ABOUT 2V2 CUP

Welcome to the thrilling world of 2v2 Cup—a dynamic variant designed for those who thrive on lightning-fast decisions and the artistry of stick tricks. This format offers the perfect arena for sharpening your skills.

Antwerp Powerchair Hockey Collective | ALL ABOUT 2V2 CUP


you like making quick decisions during a game
you like doing tricks with your (t-) stick 
you want to train your technique as a t-sticker and/or keeper


Join our cup for a unique experience where you and your teammate take charge as your team’s coaches, strategizing and leading the game according to your vision. Step into a role where your decisions shape the gameplay, fostering a deeper connection to the sport and its tactics.

Immerse yourself in the thrill of facing international players, a rare opportunity to challenge yourself against competitors you wouldn’t typically encounter. Engage in high-stakes matches that elevate your game and expand your horizons, testing your skills on an international stage.

Seize the chance to hand-select your teammate, fostering a partnership that extends beyond the game. Collaborate, strategize, and triumph together, aiming for victory and the glory of lifting a trophy side by side. It’s an opportunity to forge a bond that transcends the sport itself.


The organizers of the cup took good care of us and made sure we're happy and doing okay. I was excited to play against players from different countries. APHC's social media made me more excited for the tournament.

FeliciaThe Netherlands, Upward

It was a nice tournament! I liked the ambience and how close you get with other players! The thing I liked the most was the friendly match on Saturday, after the last match of that day ended.

DominikSwitzerland, Iron Cats

An amazing tournament with a great final, where we got second place and also selected as the most fairplay team. I was happy to receive a trophy for the best handstick player of the tournament.

AlexanderDenmark, Orient Red Bulls

Perfect organization. Glad to be part of this event! The socials and newsletter had great value. Enlist me as a referee again for the next edition!

KoenraadBelgium, PCH referee

I found this edition (2023) even better than last year! I was really excited to play against and with international players and friends!

LucasThe Netherlands, Upward