White wine – “I MAREMMANI” – Podere Montale


Discover the refined charm of Podere Montale’s “I Maremmani“. This is a phenomenal white wine from the sun-drenched region of Seggiano, Grosseto, Maremma Tuscany.

With a clear, straw-yellow color and an intense bouquet of white flowers, enriched with subtle hints of jasmine and tropical fruit, “I Maremmani” captivates the senses from the very first moment. In the mouth, this wine reveals its full flavor, perfectly balanced by a refreshing acidity, resulting in captivating and long-lasting enjoyment with every sip.

🐶 The name “I Maremmani” pays tribute to Silvio Mendini’s proud Maremmano dogs. It reflects their strength and loyalty with its impressive character and versatility.


Enjoy “I Maremmani” as a refined aperitif. Pair it with a variety of dishes, including fish, white meat, poultry, vegetables, and even Tuscan soups.

This exquisite Chardonnay originates from Italy, crafted in the year 2022 with meticulous care. Grown in the renowned Tuscan region, it proudly bears the appellation of Toscana Bianco IGT.

With an alcohol content of 13%vol, it presents a perfect harmony of flavors. Best served chilled at 10-12°C, this wine boasts a remarkable aging potential, reaching its peak from now until 2025. With an annual production of 10,000 bottles, each sip embodies the essence of Italian winemaking excellence.


mainly loose soil with sandstone rocks

Vineyard altitude:
200 m

Plant density:
5,200 plants/ha

Training system:
spurred cordon

Harvest period:
late August/early September

Vinification and aging:
The fermentation of Podere Montale’s “I Maremmani” takes place for about 15 days in stainless steel tanks, followed by a brief aging in stainless steel and storage at controlled temperature.

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